20161123-_dsc7981What’s in a name?

While most know me as Joe, I also go by A.J. – but either works!

My photography journey!

I originally started taking pictures of landscapes on my phone while out cycling. After the loss of my son, I found that looking for pictures and scenes to shoot helped me focus on the positive things in the world around us. It became a healing activity for me and also a way to continue to honor and remember him. Many times, I look for those scenes, images and wonders of nature that I would would want to show him.

I upgraded to a DSLR camera in late 2015, which has provided many more opportunities to expand my visual journey. That led to my photo project which I call the rose colored lens.

What’s next?

I envision my journey to be a lifelong one. I will continue to show what we would otherwise miss or ignore through my photos. Additionally, I have been expanding my photography to include stock photography submissions, portraits and events.

Contact Information:

For any inquiries, please contact me at ajcollette7@gmail.com